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We help utilities escape spreadsheet hell with cloud-based applications that lower engineering and IT costs while increasing your customers’ satisfaction.
About ESP Labs

ESPLabs (formerly Energy Platforms) was founded in 2008 to help companies automate the challenging parts of their business.

ESPLabs brings three essential skills to the table:

  • Software product development (not configuration!)
  • Business process automation
  • Deep knowledge of the energy efficiency domain

The marriage of these three disciplines allows us to develop best-of-breed software that will lower your cost of doing business, increase customer satisfaction and make your business more profitable.

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Our Products

ESPCalcs is an application that makes it easy to create and manage your savings and incentive calculations. Stop shoving spreadsheet calculators around and lower your engineering and IT costs.

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ESPPortfolios is an application that allows you to accurately model and assess the cost-effectiveness of measures, projects, programs and your portfolio. Move to the cloud for hourly benefit cost analysis (BCA or CET) to simplify and improve planning, modeling and reporting.

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ESPProjects is an application that automates project collaboration between your contractors, custumers, engineers and program managers. Stop shoveling project spreadsheets around and lower program costs while capturing more savings.

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