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ESPLabs’ suite of products allows you to easily complete the automation of your business. Our suite of products work seamlessly with homegrown or off-the-shelf tracking systems. Lower your engineering, IT and consulting costs while improving your customers’ experience.

Easily build, manage, and version your savings and incentive calculators without calling IT or a consultant.

  • Eliminate spreadsheet hell and reduce costs and inefficiencies.
  • Intuitive graphic interface requires almost no training.
  • Modify calculators yourself in minutes.
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Still using spreadsheets for any part of your business and want a better, online solution?

Automate project management for C&I programs.

  • Imagine customers, contractors, engineers, and program managers working together on a project online.
  • Imagine data captured from every project that helps improve program effectiveness and customer experience.
  • Stop shoveling project spreadsheets around! Lower your program costs while capturing more savings now.
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Still doing complex saving calculations in spreadsheets?

Accurately model and assess the cost-effectiveness of your measures, projects, programs, and portfolio.

  • Hourly analysis gives you accurate cost effectiveness results.
  • Improve your portfolio management.
  • Cloud computing allows for multiyear projections.
  • Configure your own tests - reporting is a breeze.
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Still shoveling spreadsheets around?

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