ESPCalcs is a SaaS app that allows users to build calculators that can be used in other applications like tracking systems, portals, batch operations, and more.

ESPCalcs are often used to replace spreadsheet savings calculators in DSM programs.

You edit calculators in a friendly, drag and drop user interface (have you ever reverse-engineered an Excel spreadsheet?).

ESPCalcs Editor

ESPCalcs are formally versioned.

Gantt Editor

Calculators are consumed through a simple RESTful web service.

Get rid of your scattered Excel files, move to the web, and embed your calculations right in your business process.

  • Centralize your calculators.
  • Standardize the calculations
  • Manage calculator versions
  • End the spreadsheet madness
  • Use calculators right in your tracking system and portals

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ESPPortfolios is a SaaS app that performs a cost/benefit analysis of entire portfolios using hourly data for measure load shapes, retail gas and electric rates, avoided costs, and emissions.

We developed ESPPortfolios for the forty publically owned utilities (POUs) in California.

ESPPortfolios aggregates the POUs' reported portfolios each year to produce state-wide results.

New demands for load shifting, real time rates, and DER are driving the need for hourly analysis.

Could you use a portfolio cost/benefit modeling tool?

  • Model portfolios or individual programs for analysis
  • Hourly data increases the accuracy of cost/benefit results
  • Have vendors propose portfolios/programs in a common format
  • Standardize and automate cost/benefit calculations
  • Aggregate multiple programs and portfolios for reporting

Portfolio Editor

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ESPWebCalcs are web components that perform calculations using ESPCalcs.

They provide an interactive experience like a spreadsheet.

Utilities use them to replace Excel workbooks, like lighting and HVAC savings calculators.

ESPWebCalcs are used in customer and trade ally portals to create and save energy efficiency projects.

  • Update the web page any time, without needing IT!
  • Take control of your portal calculations
  • Move to the web and give your customers and trade allies the same experience they're used to in Excel
  • Automatically submit the project to your tracking system without importing files or rekeying

ESPWebCalc Project Editor

ESPProjects are driven entirely by ESPCalcs.

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ESPWater helps the State of Minnesota oversee all public and private use of water.

Over 700 water utilities report into ESPWater every year.

In addition, commercial, industrial, and institutional organizations that have well permits report their conservation efforts.

ESPWater aggregates all these data and produces a state-wide annual water report on useage and conservation efforts.

ESPWater Accounting Editor

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